Localization is the gateway to Globalization, Saudisoft has known that since 1983

More than 35 years ago, Saudisoft was established with a mission to help businesses around the world to become universally acknowledged.

With years of translating potential into reality, Saudisoft’s world-class linguists, pioneering technology, unrivaled experience, industry-leading scalability, rigorous security, and customer support has made our partners compete internationally.


Find all the language services you need to cater to your global audience and successfully engage with them.
Explore the services that will help you resonate with your clientele.

We tailor your content and integrate it to go along with your work tools along with our tools to automate and better manage your content, without having to go through any localization hassles. Explore our industry portfolio to get a better insight on our language services that has been managed by teams of linguistic experts from all over the world, with decades of expertise in the specialized fields, read more.

What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

  • Great company with great people who care about their customers and endeavor to deliver the best quality in a timely and professional manner.

  • Saudisoft is an SAP committed translation partner with deep knowledge of the subject matter they are translating. As language testers, they have never failed to impress me with their thorough testing capabilities and smooth project management.

  • Saudisoft has been a highly-reliable Language Services Partner for us. As a project manager, I can say that our projects were delivered on time and with high quality, also the communication always goes smoothly. I will certainly recommend Saudisoft for their prompt and professional services.

  • We were indeed very impressed by your solid in-house team and well established processes, as well as the expertise and passion demonstrated by your dubbing studio. We look forward to closely collaborating with and supporting you in bringing our games to the Arabic market with an epic localization. Thank you again for your commitment.

  • Great professional service with on-time delivery meeting and exceeding all expectations.

  • The localization project prepared by Saudisoft was one of our best releases in 2020.

  • A perfectly professional translation service with on-time delivery. As always, I was extremely pleased with the cooperation of the team at Saudisoft, which never ceases to exceed all expectations.

  • Saudisoft with their Arabic skills has played a major role in Posiflex becoming the number 1 POS manufacturer in the Arabic speaking world and we are very grateful for our association.