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The medical field is saturated with specialized terminologies, all stemming from sciences. Lab reports, patient history, patient records or electronic health records, clinical findings and more can all be translated with our medical translation services into the languages you need. Your medical documents will be handled by experts and linguist with amedical or healthcare background

Unlike many other industries, the medical sector particularly faces unique challenges when taking products overseas. Before approving medical products, regulatory bodies undergo the necessary testing and documentation before approving them. When it comes to meeting medical translation standards, quality and risk management are the most important factors. Our team has you covered on both counts.

There is a growing need for healthcare interpreters especially for patients with limited linguistic proficiency in the medical provider’s country. Medical interpreters break down healthcare language barriers between the patient and the medical provider in order to better serve the patient. Our interpreters comply with the Health Insurance Portability And Accountability (HIPAA) act to protect and prohibit the use and sharing of medical records without patient consent.

Saudisoft provides world-class medical translation and localization services for your desired language, with an understanding of the importance of 100% accurate data and medical information translation and interpretation.

Our healthcare translation services and expertise include:

Documents such: as medical records, prescriptions, data sheets, and reports

Patient information, questionnaires, and clinical trials

User manuals for medical staff and patients

Medical supplies (instruction manuals, brochures, and software)

Information on: clinical, toxicological, pharmacological, and biological issues