We always build custom tools/solutions that fit our customers operational needs.

Backed with decades of efforts and diversified libraries, we were able to automate our processes and integrate with our customers.
This helped us to cope with the agile and continuous delivery era and helped our customers deliver localized products faster.

Our solutions cover almost all localization aspects to solve complex problems such as:

Right To Left Engineering

Being the pioneer in providing Arabic software/hardware engineering-enabling solutions was the kickoff to deliver the first ever Arabic complete solution back in the early 80s. It wasn't our end point; we utilized this experience to deliver many Arabic enabled solutions for software/hardware. For more information, please check out our Posiflex case study.

Quality Automation

Almost all CAT tools/Quality tools available in the market do not recognize the difference between the strong/weak letters in bi-directional languages; e.g. Arabic, Farsi, Kurdish, Hebrew, etc. Thus, at the beginning we started with developing a plug-in for Trados which helped our translation team trigger/fix the right-to-left errors before delivering final products. Reversed English text or wrongly displayed English/Arabic strings or URLs is no longer a manual task.

As work evolved and different CAT tools were being used, we wanted to consolidate the effort and share our process with the language industry community. That’s how The Quality Studio (TQS) was born!

It is the first tool to be able to detect bidirectional languages and has other benefits such as:

Offline tool, accessible anytime, anywhere.

Your data is controled.

Supports different file types.


Has almost all other QA checks; e.g. consistency/ terminology checks, etc.

It is FREE!

Machine Translation

With many Machine Translation engines around and different CAT Tool integrations to facilitate the technology and data legacy, selecting the right engine for your domain and language pair is a must.

Our engineering team can be your team's extension to decide and start your MT journey. We can help you with the following services:

Data Engineering

If your business has large number of internal corporate documents or products documentation that have already been translated and would like to utilize the legacy, reduce cost with fast delivery. In that case, our Machine Translation solutions/services can help you in a cost-efficient manner.

Our data engineering service ensures that each segment in your data would make a difference in the results and only count healthy segments.

It would help increase the data/output quality for your machine translation and thus have a smooth MTPE (Machine Translation Post Editing) process.

MT Engine Evaluation

Our team can also help you in the decision-making process by reviewing the translated segments, benchmark and run MT quality tools to help evaluate the results before production.

Automation and Production tools

We integrate to automate, through customizing solutions, bringing the power of workflow automation to unleash productivity and growth across teams in your enterprise.

For our clients; we aim to share our automated workflows/APIs to unlock potential efficiency and effectivity.

Operationally; we develop many internal tools to ease the production cycle, save time, reduce efforts and thus be cost efficient

Games/Media Assets Management Tool

Managing hundreds of assets (text, audio, video, etc.) through different stages and with many stakeholders (translation, studios, engineering, etc.) can be a real challenge in media localization. This tool is developed in-house and is used by our team to: optimize processes; keep the workflow under control, leave less room for delays and human error, be able to measure and analyze progress; and make the most out of localization projects- through keeping the whole process automated.

Our project managers use this tool during the pre-production phase of your recording project to organize audio files to be sent to our studios and also use the tool to ensure that files are sent to our clients in the required format and the correct order.

This tool simply helps our team increase the accuracy of assets, manage capacity and time.

Productivity- Efficiency Matrix tool

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it! We developed an internal tool which is a matrix that has been internally constructed to encourage productivity improvement, effectiveness, efficiency, and appropriate levels of internal controls. We measure our own performance standards and assess our progress to ensure that we are scalable as our customers' needs through:

Conducting efficient operations

Ensuring proper allocation and time management

Increasing productivity

Let’s unlock our business productivity together.