Globalize Your E-Commerce Business 

We deliver high-quality E-Commerce localization and translation services for various types of online shopping stores in more than100 languages.
Many businesses, aside from selling their products and services directly in a physical store to consumers, have chosen to benefit from selling over the internet.

Users’ rise in online purchases is mainly due to several factors such as increased convenience, fast shipping options and easy navigation. Although the purchasing process has been facilitated, specific barriers still prevent us from easily accessing international products.

People running an E-commerce business often believe that a store description in English is enough to appeal to international customers. However, by communicating solely in English, you reach only a relatively low percentage of your potential global customers.

Translation of product descriptions into more languages can attract more internet users, allowing you to reach new customers at a relatively low cost.

Translating descriptions of your products or services would seem to be critical from your customer’s perspective, but it’s not only about that. By localizing your online store, you show the customer that you are keen to offer them the smoothest shopping experience. This involves localizing your ecommerce platform to include:

Local languages

Local currencies

Local units of measurement

Local payment methods

Understanding local holidays & sale seasons

Including international SEO

Particularly in E-Commerce, the translation of product descriptions, marketing content, and contact forms, are typically done by linguists with relevant experience. You are in the right place; we have translation and localization experts in all fields. Get in touch with us today!