Level up Your Game’s Global
Reach with Expert Localization

Welcome to our gaming localization services. Here we can help you customize the gaming experience for your players worldwide, giving you a competitive edge in today's global gaming market.

One of the growing regions in gaming, is the Middle East. game revenues were raised through the latest years with revenues stemming mainly from Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. Engagement of players, smartphone accessibility and internet usage has risen where effectively the region gained a larger gaming audience and it sets out to be a huge opportunity for game developers/publishers.

That has also resulted in increasing other gaming related activities such as Esports. Egypt and Saudi Arabia, for example, has been seeing significant growth in communities in terms of tournaments & events.

Since 2000, Saudisoft has been helping multiple international game publishers localize their games specifically for the region. Our experience covers different genres such as first person shooter, real time strategy, MOBA, and MMORPG. We have helped our customers make sure that their video games not only suit the region, but most importantly match the same level of quality and market acceptance of the original production.

Since most games are created and developed to suit the western world/culture, our localization scope differs depending on the game and is based on the target audience, age rating, genre …etc.

With our in-depth experience and skilled/diversified talents, Saudisoft can help you launch your game in the Middle East and ensure culture appropriateness and success in the area through our services:



Audio Engineering

Cultural Assessment reports

Voice over/Dubbing


Community monitoring

Esports tournaments