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Whatever your interpretation needs may be, Saudisoft has the solution. From consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, or video remote interpretation, our team is here to help.
Consecutive Interpretation:
Widely used in one-on-one or small group settings such as: HR meetings, parent-teacher conferences, interviews, court and client/attorney meetings and medical consultations- to allow those speaking two or more languages to interact with one another.

The speaker speaks and then stops while the interpreter speaks, waits for a response, and then interprets the response back. Our interpreters are professionals in communicating meaning in an effective and professional manner.

Simultaneous Interpretation:
Typically utilized for major events such as: board meetings, courtroom, conferences, lectures and presentations, when two or more languages are necessary when the audience has multilingual needs.

Interpreters are segregated in booths and listen to the speaker through a headset then translate into a microphone, which is wirelessly delivered to the audience’s headsets.
Video Remote Interpretation:

Video remote interpretation is usually used for people with limited language proficiency as well as the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing in order to feel heard and seen by another person. Through any device, anywhere, our interpreters can join you quickly through a call that requires communication in a foreign language to help facilitate communication.

If you are not sure which interpretation service meets your needs, get in touch with our team and we’ll walk you through our language services that’ll help accomplish your goals.