Protect Your Legal Interests
With 100% Accurate Translations Worldwide

Legal documents are your safeguard. Once you start expanding into other countries, you would want to make sure you’re equally protected in accordance with regional laws. The flow of this process is typically time-consuming, you’ll need a translation partner with project managers and legal experts.

Our legal translations are performed by linguists who have an in-depth understanding of common law and civil law legal systems that are used worldwide. They have an extensive knowledge of both legal language and technical vocabulary, along with the ability to recognize the linguistic and cultural differences in order to deliver an accurate translation.

As Legal documents may need to be certified by sworn translators, Saudisoft can help. We are able to stamp and sign your documents and certify that your translated documents are accurate.

We pay very close attention to privacy when it comes to legal translation services. We fully understand that your documents are very sensitive. Saudisoft, with all confidence, handles all kinds of legal and translation services, from the translation of legal documents and contracts to account documentation and interpreting of court proceedings. Get in touch now to get started with legal translation with Saudisoft.

Our extensive range of legal translation services include:

Personal legal documents

International litigation and Arbitration

Contract law

Competition law matters

Sales and Acquisitions

Codes of conduct

Judicial transcripts and statutes

Litigation materials

Stakeholder information