Break the Language Barrier with Media Localization

Are you ready to take your media to a global audience? Our media localization services can help you cross the language barrier and connect with new audiences in different cultures!

The media industry has completely changed over the past 10-20 years and every single aspect as a result of the globalization initiatives/approaches around the world.

Audiences now can consume media content in many different formats on a range of platforms/languages. Currently, the media industry consists of film, TV series, news, commercials and even video games. Over the past century, the meaning of media has evolved. Thanks to the Internet and constant development of digital technology & growth of digital content, media is now available to us through computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.

With the rise of the internet came YouTube, Facebook and other social media channels that opened up a path to viewer options for content and media consumption. film Distribution channels have increased and multiple platforms were created to catch the need for SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand) services. Even video games evolved to include aspects of sound. This availability in media drove demand higher and a need for international content access boomed.

In today’s globalized world, where the internet, social media, and digital platforms connect us all, penetrating foreign markets is a genuine necessity and a demand from media consumers to have international content available in their language. Understanding where consumers and advertisers are spending their money in the entertainment and media industry can help guide you to understand the need for localization.

What does this mean?
The media industry grew worldwide, which made publishers and producers think/act globally. We now see popular TV series expand outside their native countries and that is all thanks to publishers who take globalization and localization seriously.

As a natural result, globalization services are also growing. The legacy subtitling as the main multimedia localization service is no longer valid alone. For media internationalization, the demand for other services is also growing e.g. Dubbing for movies and video games and Transcreation/Marketing for TV commercials.

Saudisoft can help ensure that your plan to have your media reach global consumers is as smooth as possible, and therefore we can assist in the following services: