Get Advantage of Our 40 Years of Experience
In Delivering International Software Systems

Localizing your software enables your products to be technologically and linguistically ready to dominate your target market. This is because in software localization, different factors should be considered, such as:

- Locales differences; e.g. numerical systems, currency formats, units of measurement …etc.
- Code pages and internationalization support
- Right to left/left to right behavior
- Hardware used (if applicable)
- Functional technical aspects like sorting, printing, displaying, etc. For example
o Length limitations
o Reading order & alignment specifically for bi-directional languages such as Arabic and Kurdish.

Based on more than 30 years of experience, our localization service ensures that your software/website meets all the technical requirements of your target market and increases the global reach of your product by creating a user-friendly experience and expanding your customer base.

For website localization, CSS and style Engineering is an important service. Several formatting issues need to be taken into consideration to avoid interface/content display errors. Designing localized styles would allow dynamic content and eliminate bugs through:

Fine-tuned margins

Page formatting, text alignment and font options to ensure text readability

The placement of menus and various media

Altering the size of images depending on the space is occupied by the right-to-left language

The images' proximity to the text that relates to the images

Some services that are essential to software localization include but not limited to:

User-interface localization: Localizing your user interface entails anything from translating text strings to altering the layout of your interface to accommodate linguistic and cultural context.

Graphic & Media localization: Guarantee that images are culturally appropriate and contain visible text & symbols.

Website development & software engineering: focusing on coding for string localization

Testing: Localization testing ensures that the localized software user interface and design are functionally and linguistically correct and are displayed correctly for the target market.

From the initial identification and extraction of localizable elements, to the re-engineering and final testing of multiple language versions, quality is built into every localization process stage.

Our best-in-class software localization services are built to accelerate development on all platforms. At Saudisoft, we provide end-to-end localization solutions, beginning with the right global strategy. For reference, please check Posiflex case study.