Get ready for delivering to the end user

Is your product both functionally and linguistically ready for your target market?

Not only can Saudisoft help you make sure that your application functions as initially designed but also it assures you that it is ready for other international markets by our testing services.

Based on our customers’ requirements, our role can start as early as the design phase through creating/executing test plans and test cases from the start of the development cycle till the pre-release versions.

Work Process/Methodology

Assessing product functionality against standards

Researching and documenting product defects and violations

Reporting issues to the development team for reviews

Working with all stakeholders to ensure assets’ integrity (such as audio and Text assets)

When applicable, cross platform checks to ensure that your software/portal applications can handle and process the expected amount of data without leading to any performance issues.

Testing is an integral part for complex products with extensive functionality—whether it’s for websites, software, E-Learning, gaming, E-Commerce and more. It is necessary to evaluate the context, language, and functional features of the product content in order to make your product more accessible to worldwide users.

To ensure that our testing services offer optimal results, our team consists of tech-savvy testing engineers who work together with experts in the translation and localization industry to meet our global customers’ expectations. Get your product tested today with Saudisoft.

Our testing service doesn’t only ensure that your application’s function and features work correctly, but also tackles the many flavors of non-functional testing that become necessary depending on the type of usage expected on your specific application:

Endurance testing: Your application is subjected to higher loads for extended periods of time with the purpose of identifying any problems that could degrade its performance.

Stress testing: There are several scenarios where your application might attract an unusual or unexpected number of users. We test its resilience to ensure it doesn’t poorly perform under extremely high usage.

Load testing: Provides detailed insights into how your application responds to different amounts of usage. We induce sudden spikes to ensure your application delivers consistent performance at all times.

Scalability testing: Systems are expected to scale up or down during different occasions. We analyze how your system responds to these changes and adjust the resources to ensure that users experience consistent and stable performance regardless of the number of simultaneous users.

Localization Testing: validates the performance/culture/language to insure that your product behaves the same regardless of language, yet guarantees market acceptance.

Volume testing: Validates the performance of your software when it processes different volumes of data through:

  • Identifying the capacity of the system
  • Detecting any errors induced by pressure on the system components
  • Testing the system response time
  • Getting insights on how the system reacts under low, medium, and high data loads
  • Ensuring there’s no data loss