Saudisoft Participates in SAP LX Language Forum 2024

SAP language forum is one of the events that we are honored every year to participate in. SAP LX Language Forum 2024 focused on AI and its impact on the language solutions industry.

We at Saudisoft had the chance to share our insights and experience and to be part of the panel discussing the future of the localization and translation industry in the AI era. The forum brought together industry leaders, SAP executives and translation and localization suppliers to discuss the future of language services in this AI-driven world.

The event is a cornerstone for the language services community and took place this year in Germany. During the SAP LX Language Forum 2024, several key themes were discussed:

🔰AI and Future Skills:
Participants discussed SAP's strategic direction in AI and the emerging skills and personas needed to navigate the evolving localization landscape.

🔰Quality and Efficiency
Ensuring high-quality translation remains a priority while finding ways to streamline processes was a topic of discussion.

🔰Innovation Spotlight
The latest AI advancements and innovations revolutionizing the language industry were highlighted, showcasing the potential for future growth.

🔰Learning and Growth
The forum offered AI learning opportunities to help translation suppliers stay ahead and bridge any knowledge gaps.

The Forum served as a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing among industry stakeholders. Together with SAP and the partner/supplier community, participants charted the path towards an AI-boosted future for the language industry, fostering a sense of unity and purpose in tackling the challenges and opportunities ahead.