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Education is the process of facilitating learning to students in different stages by helping them acquire knowledge & skills. Traditionally, students receive formal education in a school environment with teachers from early childhood and continue with this form of education up until higher education. Conventional traditional methods have evolved and online learning platforms created opportunities for millions of people around the world to access education and training.

The Covid-19 pandemic has also enforced educational institutions that cater to students of early childhood and higher education to adopt changes to their traditional classroom setting. Opportunities were created for businesses and people around the world to create educational solutions to enable students across the globe to access educational content remotely.

Educational institutions should consider investing in:

Technical solutions such as Learning Management systems to enable their students/teachers alike to access the content anytime/anywhere and from any device.

Content adaptations to expand the reach of educational materials beyond borders; e.g., pre school content in one country might not be the same/suitable for another country.

Content translation/localization, although English educational systems are already adapted in many countries (especially around the MEA region), other educational systems prefer to have localized educational content for their countries; e.g., Gulf countries require Arabic content as well in their educational systems.

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Educational localization also allows your education institution to:

Attract students from other countries: Having a significant number of international students enriches an educational institution and makes it more appealing and diverse to prospective students. An educational center's informative and advertising content, whether in digital or audiovisual format, must be translated and localized so that people interested can read it in their native language with a single click.

Reach potential students: Potential students and their families are drawn to content that has been translated into multiple languages, and they subsequently request additional information. Being able to provide advice in the required languages is critical for interested parties to feel as though they are being helped in all issues pertaining to the institute: dates, registration periods, educational programs, faculty, and so on.

Saudisoft’s experience covers the necessary aspects for educational systems localization covering:

- Content for different levels and subjects:

Pre-school and KG

Primary up to high school


- LMS and Learning Templates localization
- Print Ready and Online curriculum formatting