Saudisoft Hosts Westminster Working Cultures Students in Egypt

We recently had the pleasure of hosting a group of students from Westminster Working Cultures (WWC) program in Egypt, a University of Westminster UK initiative designed to enhance the employability of undergraduate students through utilizing the support of their global network of alumni and partners. Saudisoft had the opportunity to share our expertise in localization and discuss potential career paths in the industry.

It was a great pleasure to meet such an enthusiastic group of young students who are eager to learn and explore new opportunities. We were impressed with their knowledge and curious minds, and we hope that our visit has inspired them to consider a career in the localization industry.

We would like to share testimonials from some of the students who attended our presentation:

“The meeting with Saudisoft was incredible as they were looking for students who are studying linguistics. This really showed me a new sector that I never heard of called ‘Localisation’. This has opened many doors and allowed me to look into jobs in the Localisation sector.” Bekir, Arabic and Linguistics student

“I’ve discovered a new working industry that I completely ignored before. It’s been amazing to get to know how localization and translating works in Egypt, how there’s an entire universe involving it. I was especially interested in dubbing and subbing, as I’ve worked as a dubbing actress in Spain, but I’ve been so inspired and I definitely consider localization and translating as something that I could do in the future.” Argia, Journalism student

Thank you again to the WWC program and the students for a wonderful visit